StenoCare Xtra - Without Plan - Stentura

StenoCare Xtra - Without Plan - Stentura

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Xtra Includes:

  • Replacement of worn parts including universal bar padding
  • Writer is tested using standard diagnostics
  • Lubrication & Grease
  • Recalibration if applicable
  • Chemical wash to remove debris and old grease
  • Readjustment of mechanical and electrical components to factory specs
  • Internal Battery replacement if necessary
  • Available internal software upgrades
  • Optional Loaner****

****If writer has an StenoCare Plan with a loaner, the loaner will be provided. For those without a loaner plan, a loaner may be rented (in North America only) for $100 while Xtra service is performed. The cost of shipping the loaner, both ways, is included in the $100 cost

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