Stentura 8000

Stenograph® Stentura® 8000 Burgundy Refurbished Paperless

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Free USB to Serial Adapter



  • 2 yr warranty, both parts and labor, in writing
  • Contrast Adjustable Satin Finish LCD with Real Time Display and Translation of notes to English
    • Instant Readback from realtime display -No longer must you wade through paper notes to locate a passage. You now have search features that allow quick and easy readback.
    • In 8000 mode the LCD instantly displays translated text - helping you to perfect your realtime reporting skills.
    • In 6000 mode the LCD displays your untranslated steno notes.
  • Easily modify the keys' touch to your personal writing style, with an easy adjustment of depth of stroke and tension
  • Provides easy menu navigation through convenient display buttons.
  • Delete up to 20 previous strokes
  • a/an automatically resolves
  • Interchangable, seven hour battery pack that easily slides out for replacing and recharging.
  • Complete CAT system compatibility
  • Dictionary conversion software to Stentura format (most CAT systems have this built-in)
  • 1.44MB Floppy Drive
  • Timestamp Note File
  • Create dictionary entries from machine, move them to and from CAT system
  • Search for Q, A, Mark, Untranslate, and Steno
  • Comes with one long-life ink cartridge that is easy to change, keeping your hands clean.
  • Built-in bench conference stand.
  • Comes with an EasyLock tripod for quick setup.
  • Tech support during warranty period
  • Selectable manual/electric modes
  • Complete package includes: Soft case with carrying strap, tripod, new ribbon ink cartridge, nice paper tray, 1 pack of steno paper, battery charger, adjustment tool, serial real-time cable, USB to Serial adapter, diskettes with Stentura labels, signed certification of conditon, and owner's guide. This machine has it all!
  • guru.jpgStudents! Here's your steno tip from the Guru:The Stentura 8000 was the longest production machine in Stenograph's history if you count the 8000LX upgrade. (12 years)  We have many customers that refuse to upgrade and love their Stentura.  Select the upgraded shimming and get the depth shortened to have an even better feel.  If possible use connected to your notebook to take advantage of audio-sync and to get another back-up.


  • Stentura® 8000 Refurbished in Burgundy
  • Soft case with carrying strap
  • EasyLock®Tripod
  • New refurbished rechargable battery
  • Battery charger
  • Adjustment tool
  • Serial Real-time cable
  • Stentura dictionary conversion utility software(if requested)
  • Diskettes 
  • Signed certification of conditon
  • Owner's manual on CD




  • Realtime translation of shorthand outlines
  • Realtime display of text on LCD
  • Storage of notes and text files on 1.44MB floppy disks
  • Realtime transfer of note files via cable
  • Dictionary:Auto load main dictionary
  • Auto load job dictionaries
  • Set month, date and time
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Format diskette
  • Manual or Electric mode
  • User controlable beeper volume
  • Search features:
    • Last/previous electronic Steno-Mark
    • Last/previous question
    • Scroll forward or backward
  • RAM-Lock: Allows recovery of last 1000 strokes
  • Advanced Ni-Cad rechargable battery technology
  • Digital time display
  • Use as paperless or diskless
  • Weight 6.3 lbs  


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  • 6 month term and then month to month - complete ownership in 12 months.
  • After 6 months either return the writer, continue to rent, purchase the writer or upgrade.


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  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Technical support backed by award winning ZenDesk zendesk.jpgHelp System
  • Toll-Free Support and Ordering
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Online Chat system
  • Money back guarantee
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service-writers-180.jpg It's not someone's used machine!

  • The machine is completely disassembled.
  • The machine is chemically cleaned using a non-toxic bio-green solution.
  • The Stop Pads are replaced as needed.
  • The Universal bar pad is replaced as needed.
  • The Bank Bar Pad is replaced.
  • All parts are checked for excessive wear.
  • The Toggle Roller is replaced or refurbished. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The Platen is reconditioned. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The machine is reassembled and all mechanical parts are greased and lubricated to specification.
  • The factory settings are verified and adjustments are performed as necessary.
  • The ribbon is replaced.
  • Adjustments are performed on all electronic components, including the contact assembly and switches.
  • All motor gears are aligned to specifications and checked for proper operation.
  • A complete diagnostics is performed to check computer interface (real-time), battery charging operations, electronic operations, and proper disk drive operation if applicable.
  • The machine casing is cleaned and the key tops are polished 

This process generally takes 4-5 man hours to complete! 


Here's a chart to help you select a keyboard configuration.



Selecting keytop configurations can be confusing. Our recommendation is that if your present writer is configured a certain way then select the identical configuration.

It can be difficult to get used to something different. If this is your first writer than we would suggest talking to your school or teacher and asking what they would suggest.

Here are some options:


This writer has a two year warranty from StenoWorks covering both parts and labor.

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