Travel Pal Auto-Inflating Footrest

Travel Pal Auto-Inflating Footrest

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Finally! An auto inflating solution designed to make travel more comfortable for people with shorter legs. No longer do you have to hang unsupported in airline seats and other locations.

Support your legs to support your spine! The Travel PAL Footrest helps combat leg, hip and spine discomfort caused by seats that are the wrong height. Public seating is designed for people of average height, which often leaves shorter people with their feet dangling above the ground. This can lead to muscle cramps, sore hips and back, pressure in the lymph nodes behind the knees, and poor circulation in the legs and feet. The Travel PAL Footrest not only gives you a soft, secure place to rest your feet, it is also angled to keep your feet and legs in the most comfortable and ergonomic position. This encourages proper posture throughout your body by subtly tilting your pelvis and reinforcing your spine’s natural, healthy shape. Simply let the Footrest inflate to the right height and viola! Your can keep your feet on solid ground. Like all Travel PAL products, the Travel PAL Footrest is self-inflating and deflates into a compact, perfect-for-travel size. Inflation can be stopped at any time for a personalized level of support.



We've got your back...for Life! Simple. Compact. Fantastic. A warranty to match your Travel PAL. Every Travel PAL comes with a lifetime warranty. Any rips, tears, leaks, or holes are our problems, not yours. We will repair or replace any defective unit for the life of the product. Damage due to abuse, misuse, or exposure to extreme conditions voids this warranty. Travel PAL reserves the right to determine whether a Travel PAL has been mistreated and the warranty voided. Have a damaged pal? Send us an email

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