Travel Pal Auto-Inflating Seat Cushion

Travel Pal Auto-Inflating Seat Cushion

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Sometimes it’s not the support behind you that needs a boost. Sometimes the seat you are on is either too firm or too soft – enter the Travel PAL Auto-Inflating Seat Cushion to make every seat feel just right.

Defeat uncomfortable seats! With the Travel PAL Seat Cushion, you never again need to worry about hard or uncomfortably-shaped seats like those in stadiums, planes, pews or restaurants. Even the worst seats are instantly transformed into soft, supportive oases. Simply inflate the Seat Cushion to your preferred firmness to enjoy customized, padded support. The added cushion makes it easier to sit for long periods of time by protecting your tailbone and promoting a healthy, natural posture. In the battle between uncomfortable seats and sitting comfortably, the Travel PAL Seat Cushion is a game changer. Like all Travel PAL products, the Travel PAL Seat Cushion is self-inflating and deflates into a compact, perfect-for-travel size. Inflation can be stopped at any time for a personalized level of support.  14" diameter



We've got your back...for Life! Simple. Compact. Fantastic. A warranty to match your Travel PAL. Every Travel PAL comes with a lifetime warranty. Any rips, tears, leaks, or holes are our problems, not yours. We will repair or replace any defective unit for the life of the product. Damage due to abuse, misuse, or exposure to extreme conditions voids this warranty. Travel PAL reserves the right to determine whether a Travel PAL has been mistreated and the warranty voided. Have a damaged pal? Send us an email

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