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  • Apieron Full Translation Professional CAT
  • Apieron Full Translation Professional CAT
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Finally, Get a Full Translation software at a reasonable price.  

Apeiron software formally TurboCat SmartCAT software has a history of development dating from the 1990's.  A very stable product that runs on all modern OS's including Windows 8.  Includes conversion of files and dictionaries from any other CAT system.  Keyless system so no hassle with a security key.  Support by ticketing 24 hours a day and telephone support M-F 7:00AM - 7:00PM MST. Support for one year included.

Apeiron is TNG's latest advancement in EASY, fast, powerful, and flexible CAT Software. Apeiron combines speed, simplicity, and ease with a comprehensive suite of features to let  reporters and transcriptionists meet the exact needs of their customers, from precisely formatted, indexed legal documents to searchable, audio-synched Realtime transcripts. 

Apeiron Professional is our full featured professional software system. Designed for use by official and deposition reporters who are responsible for all aspects of CAT, Apeiron features clean Realtime coupled with the fastest editing platform in the world.  With Apeiron Professional, you can realtime with multiple outputs, to the judge, lawyers, and even to iPads and other tablets.*  When the job is over, Apeiron's fast and adaptive editor allows you to quickly produce and complete transcripts electronically or in print. Apeiron Professional includes all the features necessary for every aspect of your job. 

The product requires you to call us for licensing after download.

*output device may require third party software


Financing available:  

1 year plan:  $350.00 down plus $128.83/month  Initial Total: $478.83  plus 11 additional payments and you own it.

2 year plan (comes with 2nd year of support): $350.00 down plus $84.44/month  Initial total: $434.44  plus 23 additional payments and you own it.


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