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  • BACKBONE - Thoracic Support
  • BACKBONE - Thoracic Support
  • BACKBONE - Thoracic Support
  • BACKBONE - Thoracic Support
  • BACKBONE - Thoracic Support
  • BACKBONE - Thoracic Support
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Court Reporters are sitting all the time in poor chairs.  Unfortunately you can't take a good chair with you, but you can take the "Backbone".  

Is your back, neck or shoulder giving you problems at work?  This unique, mid-back support, with patented thoracic groove technology, measures 17”H x 8.5”W x 2.5″ thick with 2 diagonal straps that are easy to slip over the top of your office chair.  Closed cell, therapeutic foam provides breathable, soft comfort for optimal back stabilization and pressure distribution of your entire spine, not just the low back like most products.

Available in Black only

Cushion cover is made of 100% cotton canvas. Spot cleaning recommended. Do NOT throw in washer.

The “BackBone” is distinguished from anything else on the market by its hourglass structure that has a cut out for the shoulder blades thereby placing most of the postural force through the thoracic region and allowing the sternum to come forward. This creates a natural relaxation of the shoulders back which naturally allows the neck to sit directly on top of the shoulders. This helps to reduce anterior-posterior muscle imbalances along the neck, chest, shoulders and back thus improving posture and decreasing muscle fatigue.


  • Support - Provides great thoracic support and reduces neck strain.
  • Flexible - Can be used in the office, car, kitchen, and can fit almost any chair.
  • Easy to use - easy to use with no installation required
  • Lightweight - less the 1 pound and can be taken with you to use wherever you go!
  • Two year warranty. 


Overall dimensions: 17.5”x12.5”wings/6.25” middle x 3”
Weight limit: 400 lbs


Product Description

Office chairs rarely fit us well and yet we often spend more hours in our chairs than our beds!  This contoured back support will give that uncomfortable chair a new life!

  1. It measures 17”H x 8.5”W x 2.5″ thick
  2. Has 2 diagonal straps that are easy to slip over the top of your office chair
  3. Has quick release buckles
  4. Is versatile and easy to bring with you anywhere you go (compare this to other cushions that are heavy, awkward to carry and cumbersome).

The foam is an environmentally friendly, latex-free, therapeutic closed cell foam with our PATENTED THORACIC CHANNEL that sets our product apart from any other similar back support you’ll find on the market.   This groove, developed by an orthopedic physical therapist, distributes the pressure away from the spine and engages the core muscles to increase their firing while you work. It’s like exercising without getting up from your desk!

Cushion cover is made of 100% breathable, stain-resistant cotton. Spot cleaning recommended. Do NOT throw in washer.

Available in Black only

If you want to feel stronger, more energetic and less tired by the end of your work-day…the Backbone cushion is for you! 

Why It’s Unique


The BACKBONE cushion doesn’t just help you sit more comfortably, it also reduces fatigue, reduces muscle tension, activates your core muscles for permanent change and makes you look & feel skinner as well as more confident.

Unlike other cushions on the market, the BACKBONE cushion supports the spine from the middle instead of the low back.  This effortlessly engages your core muscles so that your head, shoulders and hips align.  It has a unique, patented THORACIC groove technology that no other product has.  This disperses pressure away from the spine and increases firing of your core muscles to strengthen as you sit. Its closed cell, therapeutic foam is specifically contoured and shaped to support the curves of the spine without blocking the shoulder blades or pushing you forward out of alignment. It has a double strap system with quick release buckles that make it light, versatile and easy to carry.

Consider the other cushions on the market that only support a small area of your back or push you forward because they don’t make room for the shoulder blades. Some are heavy and cumbersome. Others fit well in one location but can’t be transported between the car or plane seat. Low back rolls encourage the body to lean back but then you’re pulled away from what you’re working on. This causes increased stress along the upper back as you lean or reach forward. Exercise balls and foam rolls require you to take time away from your work.  The BACKBONE cushion strengthens your core while you work!

The BACKBONE cushion isn’t just another back support.  It is research tested, patient approved option that will create permanent change in your body.  This is your opportunity to start doing something about your health instead of ending your days with aches and pains that make you feel old.

How It Works



Sitting with no or inappropriate support can cause significant issues to your back, neck, shoulders and even heart & lungs.

When you’re in alignment, your 8 to 10-pound head feels weightless. However, with every inch that your head moves forward out of alignment, tension stress and gravity cause your head to effectively double in weight. This creates headaches, back pain, neck pain, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and difficulty sleeping.

Arched backSitting with only low back support can tilt the hips forward and tends to weaken the core and upper back muscles.

BackBone addresses the root cause of these problems: improper posture. This innovative cushion rests on the middle of your back between your shoulder blades, so it supports your entire back and encourages a normal, natural curve. It places your head and neck in a better position and relieves tension down your arms from your shoulders to your hands. It even helps with lower back problems.

posture2Sitting with support along the midline creates activation of all the core muscles in a neutral position

All in all, the BackBone is the B.E.S.T.!

B: The BackBone improves your BREATHING. It supports the rib-cage where the ribs attach and lifts the ribcage off of your diaphragm. That means that the air can flow into your lungs more easily. Research shows that breathing better allows you to pay more attention, work more productively, and even live longer.

E: The BackBone ELONGATES your torso. It helps the neck and shoulders to fall in line with your spine. That means that you have less pressure on your spine, you can spread nutrition better to your muscles, and your muscles become less fatigued as you sit in the same place for too long.

S: The BackBone Cushion also improves your SPINE HEALTH. Better posture helps to align your spinal column, decrease your muscle fatigue, decrease your back pain, and decrease your risk of pinched nerves.

T: The BackBone Cushion helps to improve your core muscle TONE. It provides a gentle reminder for you to use correct posture. As you sit upright and receive feedback about your posture, your core stomach and back muscles will gradually develop the muscle memory to hold you in this improved position even when you aren’t using the cushion!


All of these benefits contribute to a body that is at less risk for muscle fatigue, pain, strain and damages that we impose upon ourselves as we sit in poor positions throughout our work day.


The backbone cushion has done amazing things for my back and neck. I’m a very fit 40-year-old runner who had nagging pain for over a year. Physical therapy and yoga helped, but the cushion was a huge part of keeping my posture correct and my back pain-free. Before, I would tighten up after only an hour at my desk or in the car. I recently spent 2 full days in a car and couldn’t believe how great my back felt afterward. This cushion really has been life-changing for me!-Liz McGuire
I hope I am never without a BackBone cushion in my car!! What a difference it makes. My back does not hurt after a few hours of driving. And my posture is so much better. Thank you so much for this great idea. I gave your written information to my chiropractor who thought it was a great idea, especially for anyone who does a lot of driving.-Lanette Joubert
I started using the BACKBONE 6 months ago in my office chair due to lower back pain. I have friends who have had terrible outcomes from “supposedly minor” back surgery, so I looked for an alternative. The BACKBONE cushion really works! I have ordered another one for my Truck & will be gifting them to friends with back issues in the future.-Rick Ingraham
I am a bus driver and found the BACKBONE pad to greatly increase comfort. As claimed, it improves seated posture while allowing the arms to hang more freely at your sides. A delightful surprise was the greatly improved isolation from the jolts of streets in bad repair. I had expected that the seat back would not transmit the shocks but found a very welcome benefit beyond the improved posture.-Brian Sherlock
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what I think of The Backbone. I LOVE IT!!! I have used it in my bus every day that I’ve worked for the past few weeks. I don’t have that burning pain behind my shoulder blade anymore. I just love this little pillow! My boss asked me today if I liked it, and I said if I ever lost it I don’t know what I’d do. This time when I got my massage, it felt really good, just the way it should have. My massage therapist even said I felt looser! Talk about correct posture being easier!!! Thank you for inventing this cushion!!-Cheri Adams
I have used the BackBone Cushion now for 3 months and I love it! I have a torn annulus at L4-L5 so my lower back is a constant challenge. The cushion has significantly improved my posture while driving (I am in the car about 2 1/2 hours a day). I am up and about the rest of the day so I am definitely ready for a comfortable drive home. The cushion does this for me. I would recommend the cushion to anyone with back issues.-Erin Homburg
I am 72 year old King County transit driver with degenerative disc disease & herniated disc in L-2. Pain from spending hours behind the wheel in heavy traffic can be intense! I tried other back support cushions over the years with little relief. The BACKBONE cushion changed all that. It keeps my shoulders & mid-back in right posture throughout the day. I am pain free & have no plans to retire anytime soon. I would recommend it to any bus or truck driver with similar issues. I even use it while sitting at my home office chair in front of the computer.-Gale Peterman
I have had severe back problems for several years now to the point that I go to a Pain Management Facility for epidural injections to help avoid surgery. Once I heard about the BackBone Cushion, I just had to give it a try. I have been overly pleased with the support it gives my back and also my shoulder which was just operated on. Definitely worth trying!!!-Connie Lynch
Most days, I work at my computer for 8-10 hours and often walk out of my office with major knots in my upper back. A few years ago, I invested in an $1,100 ergonomic, office chair hoping that would do the trick. It didn’t. My massage therapist taught me that my knots come from my shoulders being rolled forward all day. Although I tried to get in the habit of keeping my shoulders back, I just couldn’t do it… until I got the Back Bone cushion. This amazing cushion keeps my shoulders rolled back for me… all day long. I’m in love with this product!-Ken Kuznia
After 3-4 hours of driving, that usually left my back uncomfortable and fatigued. Once I found and started using the BackBone, I could feel my back properly aligned and supported. This led to my drives being more enjoyable, and my back not feeling sore and exhausted. I’ve ordered BackBone’s for all my vehicles now. The Backbone is a great product.-Sergio Rodriguez
I have been using the backbone cushion in my vehicle for almost 2 years and wouldn’t drive anywhere without it. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and my arms go numb if I do not use correct posture. The backbone cushion conforms to my back and settles me into the proper postural position resulting in my shoulders and nect to return to a healthy alignment. My husband and son-in-law also use the backbone cushion on their office chairs as they are prone to lean forward when using the keyboard causing the neck and shoulders to extend forward and cause back pain. Due to the Backbone cushion, our famiIy now has fewer back and neck issues. We think it is amazing and would highly recommend the backbone cushion for either office or vehicle use.-Marilyn McNally
I used one of the first Back Bone cushions mainly because I was curious to know how it was different than other back supports. I found out immediately how it transforms how I sit and how much longer I can be at my desk without stress of pain to my shoulders and neck. My colleague sat in my chair once and demanded to know where I got the cushion!-Barb Joubert
As a senior citizen recovering from neurosurgery in my back and legs, I have found the BACKBONE cushion most valuable to my comfort and rehabilitation. I spend many hours sitting or lying in my recliner and, regardless of my position, the BACKBONE remains in place without slipping. As I have been recovering, it has been imperative that I maintain as good a posture as possible for my shoulders and entire back area—-the BACKBONE has exceeded my expectations. For those whose jobs or rehabilitation require long periods of sitting, I can, WITHOUT HESITATION, recommend the BACKBONE. It relieves my fatigue and provides comfort throughout my entire upper body. I am most fortunate to have discovered the BACKBONE. It has allowed me to endure many painful hours during my recovery more comfortably than I had expected.-Fred Harris
Your Back Bone Cushion really help during recovery. I had my 6th surgery involving my breast, which is common when dealing with breast cancer. I knew from past experience that it would be hard to move around and I would spend the next few weeks sleeping and practically living in my recliner. This time it was different, I had the back bone cushion. Once I was released and moved to my recliner, I had my back bone attached to a regular pillow that was behind my back. The support was great. One of my biggest problems after surgery, being in that recliner, you get very stiff; especially after sleeping. This tends to slow recovery, because you are not only in pain, but you are stiff. This makes it hard to get up and walk or move. With my back bone I really didn’t have that problem this time around. I sleep better in my recliner, I didn’t wake up stiff so I felt more inclined to walk and move, which is what I needed to do anyways. Also normally I would spend at least 2 weeks sleeping in my recliner, cause it was hard to lay back after breast surgery. Only after a week, with my back bone, I was able to lye in bed comfortably. Another experience I dealt with. I have 2 bulging discs in my neck. After surgery and strong pain meds wore off. I had excruciatingly bad headaches cause from my disc being aggravated during surgery. However I could not get adjusted, my doctor were concerned it would make it worse without doing an MRI first. So my only option was stronger pain killers till I was well enough to go in MRI machine. I didn’t end up doing the MRI. About 3 days after the headaches where gone. I truly believe that with time the back bone cushion slowly adjusted my back and took the pressure off my neck. Haven’t had a headache since. Thank you so much for letting me apart of this study. I love my Back Bone.-Valerie Schwarzwaelder, Austin TX, Breast Cancer survivor
I absolutely love my BackBone Cushion. For the first time in years I can sit through a movie in a movie theater without feeling miserable. Yes, I proudly take it into the theater with me! The adjustable straps make it very easy to place it on any chair I need it to fit. Long drives in the car are so much more comfortable for me as well. I highly recommend this product. Thank you, BackBone Cushion, for the improvements in comfort you have brought to my life.-Leah Lawson, Austin TX, Breast Cancer Survivor/Double Mastectomy Patient

Important Information

Safety Information
Spot clean cover. Do not place in washer or dryer

Muscle Pain Aches Strains Repetitive strains Repetitive injury Joint Pain back pain post surgical Low Back Pain Mid Back Pain Upper Back Pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Arm Pain Nerve conditions Circulatory conditions Postural syndrome Poor ergonomics Uncomfortable chairs Driving Traveling Flying Discomfort at work Pain while driving Pain at work Headaches Recurring back pain Breathing difficulties Chronic Fatigue Respiratory conditions Breast cancer Stretching Postural retraining Sciatica Piriformis syndrome Rotator cuff tendonitis COPD Muscle retraining Muscle re-education Core strengthening Carpal tunnel syndrome Biceps tendonitis Lumbar radiculopathy Cervical radiculopathy scar tissue and adhesions circulation issues Cardiac surgeries Back surgeries

Open cell therapeutic foam Cotton canvas cover Plastic quick release clips Non-roll flat elastic strapping

Place the cushion above your belt line and between the shoulder blades. Attach the straps, diagonally around chairback (parallel around car seat) to maintain your desired position. NOTE: Begin using an hour at a time and add one hour as able. Trunk soreness is normal for the first 1-2 weeks of use. For permanent improvement in your posture, your muscles need to change and strengthen to this new posture. The weaker your postural muscles, the more soreness you may feel in the beginning. If pain persists, call our therapy helpline at 512-212-3448 or contact your medical practitioner and discontinue use.

Legal Disclaimer
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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