StenEd Theory

StenEd Theory

  • Reporter on the Job

    Reporter on the Job Free Shipping

    Item #301: Reporter on the Job  Book Only (276 pages, emerald green, ISBN 978-0-938643-09-8) Introduces students to the types of material court reporters encounter in their daily work. Contains testimony, depositions, jury charge,...
  • StenEd 10 Steps to Realtime Writing CD Only

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    Item #CD152:  Audio for Item #151:  10 Steps to Realtime Writing   (1 CD, 11+ hours, 60-180 wpm, purple) (ISBN 978-0-938643-86-9) The CD contains all practice dictation contained in the text. Each exercise is...
  • StenEd 10 Steps to Realtime Writing

    StenEd 10 Steps to Realtime Writing NEW

    Item #151:  10 Steps to Realtime Writing  (purple, 266 pages, 2001 edition, fully indexed, ISBN 978-0-938643-34-0) Realtime StenEd theory for experienced writers.  Transition to realtime for non-StenEd writers; theory review for...
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    StenEd Realtime Theory 101 Good Condition Free Shipping

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      This book is used and in Average condition. May contain some writing, cover may show wear, some pages may be slightly bent.   Volume I: Realtime/Basic Theory (40 lessons, 343 pages, indexed, royal blue) (ISBN...
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    StenEd Realtime Theory 101

    StenEd Realtime Theory 101 NEW FREE Shipping

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    Volume I: Realtime/Basic Theory (40 lessons, 343 pages, indexed, royal blue) (ISBN 0-938643-01-0) Current 2018 new edition. Provides the foundation for realtime, conflict-free computer writing. Includes keyboard and the entire StenEd theory...
  • StenEd Realtime Theory Audios (5 CDs)

    MSRP: $120.00
    You get 5 CDs with this set.  If you are looking for the "StenEd Student Package #2", you need these. Newest edition used for the 2015 school year.   CD103 = 5 CDs: all theory audios as itemized below, 38+ hours, blue. Covers Lessons 1-40...
  • Reporter on the Job

    StenEd Reporter on the Job CD's

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    Item #CD303x:  Audios for Item #301:  Reporter on the Job   (3 CDs, 26+ hours, 80-225 wpm, labels are green) All exercises are repeated at various speeds to aid in reinforcement, review, and speedbuilding...