Infinity Ergonomic Student w/LCD New Custom Writer



100% of student purchase price applicable to upgrade to pro-model.

Product Description

The Infinity Ergonomic design has been derived from over 15 years of ergonomic expertise and experience in the court reporting industry. We offer not only the only fully ergonomic machine ever created but we have now improved it by incorporating the Infinity technology providing for the healthiest and most powerful machine ever created.

A powerful four-processor design gives the Infinity series of writers an unbelievable power advantage over its competition, enabling it to outperform and outrun every other writer in the market. 

The Infinity Ergonomic design has been designed to provide the greatest level of relief from typical musculature disorders (MSD’s) typically experienced by court reporters, and to provide the ultimate foundation for making you not only more efficient, but allowing you to feel better while writing. No other product in the world offers you the flexibility of the I.E. product. The spreadable design provides upper neck and back strain relief by allowing your arms to rest naturally at your side without being forced to roll forward. The tilt, twist, and tipping action gives you the ultimate capability to protect your hands, wrists, and arms. 

The Infinity writers are the most adjustable machines ever created, with a stroke range comparable to no other. Those who prefer a short stroke (2 mm) will be just as satisfied as those who prefer a long stroke (18 mm). And for everyone else, we offer an infinite number of settings in between. In terms of force, the I.E. also offers a small range of adjustability with a traditional light stroke to maximize the ergonomic benefit.

Intelligence is at the core of the Infinity family of writers: Intelligence in setup; intelligence in configuration; and the ultimate in learning intelligence. This is not a claim of true Artificial Intelligence; rather, the Infinity Ergonomic is a machine that adapts to your writing and style the more you write. It is a machine that while not intelligent enough to talk back, is smart enough to give you what you need before you realize you need it.


The Infinity Traditional Student ... Powerful, Elegant, Adjustable, Intelligent...

Exquisite Touch Screen LCD Display
A exquisite active-matrix 800x480 touch, full color screen displays translated text and steno notes, steno only, or text only. Display mechanism smoothly tilts from 0 to 270 degrees and twists 30 degrees, 15 in either direction, to accommodate varying lighting conditions.  Screen folds face down to protect it while not in use. Adjustable font sizes, font colors, and background provide you with the best possible viewing experience.

Dielectric Button Mini LCD Display
We recognize that most students are always writing to their computers, whether that is a desktop or a laptop.  Since having a bulky, heavy screen that shows translation is just redundant, we have removed the Large LCD, leaving the rest of the features intact. 

Ergonomics -- A Feel-Better Design

With so many Reporters suffering needlessly for so many years, the I.E. provides you not only with every feature you could ever hope for, but it provides you with one thing you can't find anywhere else:  The I.E. gives your back proper body positioning, thereby reducing -- and in many cases eliminating -- the aches, pains, and body stress that go along with writing. Spread the two halves apart and eliminate your neck and upper back strain. Twist, turn, and tilt the modules to protect and eliminate stress on your writs and arms.  Finally you can sit back in your chair, as our design puts the tripod in the back of the machine, allowing you 6.5” of room to be able to scoot your machine closer to your body. 

No electronic backups

We have always strived to give every Court reporter and Captioner only the features they need an want. And as we all know, students do not need backup solutions in their machine, so why should they pay for them?  We have designed and built a writer without those features just for students, without sacrificing any of the intelligence that the I.T. offers.

Two Forms of Realtime Connections Built In

Realtime via serial connection or USB connection.

PerfectWrite™ Technology

PerfectWrite™ technology (patent-pending) utilizes organic intelligence to more completely and accurately track the movement of each individual key and the full keystroke simultaneously, thereby providing the most accurate key movement ever. Our magnetic-based contacts offer the highest level of sophistication and intelligent contact adjustment to give you the best writing of your life.

The SimuWrite™ Software

SimuWrite™ software (patent pending) sets the highest standard ever in the history of writing. Have you ever wondered if those adjustments you made post-job would have made your previous job’s notes cleaner (or not)?  With the SimuWrite™ software, now you know.  Take your previously written job, change your writer settings, and SimuWrite™ will rewrite your job with the new settings applied, allowing you to see exactly how you would have written that last job with the new settings.  This feature prevents you from having to write, adjust, and write again to see if the adjustments were what you expected.

AutoAdjust™ (patent pending) automatically adjusts and compensates for slight variations in your writing over time.  As your writing goes through slight changes day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year, from things such as aging, injury, or alternations in your life, AutoAdjust™ will readjust your machine to match your new writing method. 

Super-Mini Tripod 
Weighing only 1 1/3 pounds and folding to a mere 11.5 inches, the Super-Mini tripod saves you weight and bulk and will even work on your traditional machines.

Ultimate in Durability

Along with dropping weight and size, we have engineered the I.T. to be super, unbelievably durable. Whether it encounters a klutzy attorney or a curious 3-year-old, the I.T. can take a licking and keep on ticking. We challenge you to have the competition intentionally knock, drop, or throw their writer and see if it will still function. 


At the core of our company is the belief that we should make every machine upgradeable, preventing you from ever having to buy at full price ever again. As a student, you may want to invest in a machine that is $4,000+ dollars without knowing what profession you want to choose. So, we have built a super-high quality machine for a low price.  No longer are you forced to buy other people’s leftovers if you want a professional quality machine. We give you the capability to purchase a brand new machine and upgrade that machine when the time comes, without losing a penny.  So, whether you graduate in 18 months or 10 years, we can move your machine into the future. You simply send us your machine, pay the difference in price of your machine and the captioner or court product you want, and we will upgrade your machine to that new feature set. It’s the ultimate deal. You do not have to learn a new machine; you do not have to pay more; and you do not have to wonder, How will this new machine work for me?

What's included: 

  • Your choice of extended keys
  • One lithium Ion removable re-chargeable battery pack installed
  • USB cable 6 foot
  • pick your color - 20 plus custom colors and finishes
  • Super-Mini Tripod
  • Infinity Traditional Student User Guide (In Electronic Format)
  • Mini Carrying Case with handles - designed for storage and the ultimate protection
  • One Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • World Class Support 


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Warranty Information

Warranty 2-year factory-service warranty Access to free functional firmware updates for your writing machine for life* Repair or replacement of any necessary electrical or mechanical components. Writing machine accessories (tripod, charger, and carrying case) under normal use Technical support via phone during regular business hours** 24/7 access to TNG's online Support Warranty does not cover misuse or abuse, or custom, elective work on the writer. Consumable items including, but not limited to, batteries, SD cards, etc., are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase. *Feature enhancements are not included free of charge. **Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Mountain Time, holidays excluded.
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