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Our goal is to get you started within 1 to 3 business days. This is step one of a two step startup process.  After submitting this form we will email you a link in order to process your initial payment,  Your Steno-Layaway subscription will be based on what you indicate on this form.  Your payment parameters are based on your preferences.


Equipment info:

Please type in the name of the equipment you would like to purchase. You will not need to select options at this time, like color or keypads.  All options will be clarified when you are close to making your last payment.  Estimate the price (all items, extras, tax if in FL, etc) and we will confirm with you!  Use the fields below to give us an idea as to what payment plan you would like. You need to select an initial payment (minimum 10%) and then decide on a payment schedule that will work with your budget.  The item must be paid for in full within one year.

Total Price
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