Sound Professionals - Complete ZOOM recording kit to join and record a ZOOM (or any other) teleconference on the same computer - compatible with all CAT programs

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Windows and Mac Compatible!

Recording connection kit to join and record all participants of a ZOOM, GoToMeeting or other teleconference - compatible with all CAT programs and computers.

This kit includes the connections you need to take part in a Teleconference and record the audio from the all participants (including yourself) into your CAT (or other) audio recording program. If you prefer to use one computer to join the teleconference, this is the easiest way to go! Note: If you want to use this system but still want to use a second computer to see people on Zoom, you can! Just join Zoom on the second computer and mute the audio on the second computer. You will extract and record the audio from Zoom on the CAT computer and see people on the Zoom computer.

This bundle also includes a backup cable to make a recording into your writer or digital recorder *in addition* to the recording being made in your CR software.

The Presonus interface is compatible with standard USB or USB-C connections on the computer and includes both cables.

This system includes the following items:

  • Professional audio interface
  • Headphone adapter – required if your headphones only have a 3.5mm plug
  • Boya XLR adapter for phantom power
  • Headphone extension cable, 12″ long – required for all headsets
  • Cable to make backup recording in Steno writer or digital recorder
  • Andrea lightweight headset with volume control and mute switch




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