StenEd Books-Dictionaries-Audio

StenEd Books-Dictionaries-Audio


We here at StenoWorks are proud of the fact that we have been able to offer StenEd's complete line of products for the last 20 years. StenEd is the world leader in realtime steno training materials.  They offer one of the most comprehensive realtime training  material available for all stenotype careers.

Designed  from its inception to be conflict free (and thus realtime), StenEd's program includes texts, references, online learning  (powered by Realtime Coach™),  tutorials, and CAT dictionaries. It's not surprising that StenEd is taught in  more schools having court reporting, stenocaptioning, and stenoscription programs than any other theory in the world.  After all, we've been at  it for over 40 years!
Stenotyping is used for:

  • Captioning, CART
  • Realtime Court/Freelance Reporting
  • Conference/Convention Reporting
  • Medical, Legal & General Stenoscription