StenEd Reporter on the Job New Package with CD Dictation

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  • StenEd Reporter on the Job New Package with CD Dictation
  • StenEd Reporter on the Job New Package with CD Dictation


Item #301: Reporter on the Job  Book & CD's (276 pages, emerald green, ISBN 978-0-938643-09-8)

  • Introduces students to the types of material court reporters encounter in their daily work.
  • Contains testimony, depositions, jury charge, statements, literary, speaker identification, parentheticals, reporter punctuation, number usage, and more.
  • Reviews advanced theoretical concepts.
  • Contains 23 lessons and 4 review and 10 supplemental dictations.
  • Each lesson contains vocabulary, instruction, review, and dictation.
  • The 4 review and 10 supplemental exercises contain vocabulary and dictation.
  • Audio CDs (MP3 format) cover every exercise in the student text at multiple speeds. (Item #CD303/A/B/C at speeds ranging from 80 to 225 wpm.)

Item #CD303x:  Audios for Item #301:  Reporter on the Job   (3 CDs, 26+ hours, 80-225 wpm, labels are green) 

All exercises are repeated at various speeds to aid in reinforcement, review, and speedbuilding. 

  • CD303 = 3 CDs: all ROJ audios as itemized below, 26+ hours, green. Covers all lessons and review @ 80-225 wpm. (ISBN 978-0-938643-80-7)
  • CD303A = 1 CD covering all 23 lessons & review, 8+ hours, 80-130 wpm
  • CD303B = 1 CD covering all 23 lessons & review, 7 hours, 130-175 wpm
  • CD303C = 1 CD covering all 23 lessons & review & supplemental material, 11 hours, 180-225 wpm

It is suggested that the exercises recorded in the 80 to 130 wpm range be used the semester following theory. 

Because material in this text covers all major court reporting considerations, it is suggested the faster speeds (150 to 225 wpm) be used as review in the second half of training. (Includes 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-voice.) 



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