StenEd Student Theory Pack Realtime, 2 Books & 5 CD's

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StenEd Realtime Theory (40 lessons, 343 pages, indexed, royal blue) (ISBN 0-938643-01-2)

  • Provides the foundation for realtime, conflict-free computer writing.
  • Includes keyboard and the entire StenEd theory.
  • Emphasizes long vowels, high frequency words, and word beginnings and endings while giving consistent and logical writing techniques to insure realtime, conflict-free writing.
  • Includes comprehensive word lists, sentences, and paragraphs to reinforce each principle.
  • Includes shorthand notes for much of the dictation material given.
  • Introduces all required and many optional high frequency briefs/phrases.
  • Appendices include summaries of the theory, briefs and phrases, and soundalikes.
  • Includes detailed index of the subjects covered
  • Both books and CD's are in new condition. 

Reader for Realtime Theory  (114 pages, light blue, 1998 edition, ISBN 978-0-938643-31-9)

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Realtime Theory beginning with Theory Lesson 18.
  • Develops sound notereading skills while reinforcing realtime theory.
  • Includes shorthand notes for the theory text dictation material not outlined in the theory text itself.
  • Used by student scopists (in conjunction with Realtime Theory (Item BSE103) to learn notereading.

All Theory audios on CD as follows

  • CD103A    Audio CD for Theory Lessons 1-10
  • CD103B    Audio CD for Theory Lessons 11-20
  • CD103C    Audio CD for Theory Lessons 21-30
  • CD103D    Audio CD for Theory Lessons 31-40
  • CD103R    Audio CD for Theory Review at higher speeds 


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