StenEd Vocabulary Development Package With CD, Student Edition NEW

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Vocabulary Development Package, Student Edition   (286 pages, yellow, ISBN 978-0-938643-06-7)

  • Used for vocabulary and advanced writing skill development.
  • Includes word games, puzzles, and much dictation to reinforce the words being covered.
  • Contains both general and specific vocabularies, including:
    • General vocabulary;
    • Borrowed words;
    • Words frequently confused (e.g., soundalikes);
    • Word relationships; and
    • Specialized vocabulary (e.g., computer terms).
  • Difficult yet excellent preparation for the real world.
  • May be used as part of a second semester English course, in conjunction with Reporter on the Job, or as a separate course.
  • Package version contains 1 CD (MP3 format) 9 hours @ 70-150 wpm.
  • Material from this text is available in the Realtime Coach audio/video interactive steno tutorials.



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