StenoCare Writer Protection Plan for Diamante™ - Yearly

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StenoCare is an annual protection plan for your writer. If your writer has an issue you can call or chat with one of our experienced technicians who will attempt to troubleshoot and or identify the problem.   In the event that you would need to send the writer into us for service we will prioritize your repair and get you back to work as quickly as possible.  If a repair involves parts, StenoWorks will use original parts and materials for service.  Our technicians are fully qualified to diagnose and repair all aspects of the Diamante. 

StenoCare Includes:

  • Parts and Labor
  • Cost of shipping writer back to you
  • Internal Lithium Ion battery replacement if needed
  • Software updated if possible
  • Access to U.S. based support staff including live chat


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  includes shipping the loaner both ways.



StenoCare Xtra (Writer Refurbishment) add to your plan for a special price of $200.00

Give your writer the love it needs with a complete refurbishment. Not only is maintenance recommended by the manufacturer but your writer will look and feel like it did when it was new.

Xtra Includes:

  • Replacement of worn parts including universal bar padding
  • Writer is tested using standard diagnostics
  • Lubrication & Grease
  • Recalibration if applicable
  • Chemical wash to remove debris and old grease
  • Readjustment of mechanical and electrical components to factory specs
  • Internal Battery replacement if necessary
  • Available internal software upgrades
  • Optional Loaner****


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