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Two well-respected dictionaries were used to create this one-stop resource.  The main entries in the book are derived from Merriam-Webster (2010) and the secondary entries from American Heritage (2013) to bring you the current spelling and parts of speech. Words change over time, and it is crucial to your work at hand that you stay current when it comes to resource material. It is our belief here at Walker House Publishing that resources more than five years old by its publication date are serving little to no value. Make an investment in yourself!

The author, Lee M. Walker, is a stenographic court reporter, certified by the National Court Reporters Association as a Registered Professional Reporter. Ms. Walker has been in the legal field for 24 years and has been a freelance court reporter in the South Florida area for 19 years.  She is currently court reporting, living, and writing in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Ms. Walker is the administrator of the Facebook group titled One Word, Two Words, Apostrophe, Hyphen, OH MY!  During her work in the role of administrator, Ms. Walker saw a need for this book, despite the resources available on the Internet. So here we present to you a book that we believe will be of great use to court reporters, editors, writers, and students.




"Lee Walker, I've used your book many times since it came.  In my best singsong voice:  LLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE IT!!!!!"


~ Bonnie Lundin



"Your book has helped me immensely.  It is a very comprehensive book.  I cannot tell you how many times I have referred to it, even just to confirm what I thought -- and to see if it's in the book."


~ Jill Suttenberg



"Lee, my husband was checking out your book and he was quite impressed.  He said you need to market it to more than court reporters.  Like you needed his seal of approval.  LOL!"   "I am thoroughly enjoying your book.  I have it on the end table in our living room and the entire family flips through it."


~ Cathy Jimenez Phillips




"Having another editing day at home, and I've already checked Words That Make You Go, 'Hmm...' about ten times."


Ksenija Zeltkalns, RPR, CCR (KS and MO)




"Love this book!  It has a permanent spot between my keyboard and monitor."


​~ Crystal Ballast




"I love this book!  It is fantastic and so easy to use."


​~ Angela Novak




"Hi Lee!  I won your book at the StenoCat conference.  I absolutely love it!  It is on my desk now.  It's a fabulous reference tool.  Thank you!​"


​~ Tricia Rosate 








"I can't believe how many times I have referred to the book.  It's easier (and less distracting) than going online to find the answer.  Because once I'm online checking something out, you know that I just HAVE to take an FB break."


​~ Jill Suttenberg




"Ditto to exactly what Jill said!!!"


~ Bonnie Lundin




​"This book is perfect for me!  It is so concise, and I no longer spend time searching online dictionaries.  It's now always on my desk, and I absolutely love it!!  Thank you!!


​~ Tricia Rosate


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