Writer Rentals

Writer Rentals


Student or Pro Model Rent-to-Own or Rent Only Programs


StenoWorks gives you four rental options!

Rent Only or Rent-to-Own  / Pro or Student

StenoWorks has talked to thousands of court reporting students throughout the years and as a result we have two great programs established just for students.  Our student purchase program that allows you to purchase any student writer and then have the option to trade it in toward an upgraded model within 4 years.  Our student rent-to-own program allows you to get the writer you want without having to purchase. You can rent a writer until you feel comfortable with your progress in school or until you have the funds to purchase. Are you confused about your steno equipment options? No problem, just give the experts at StenoWorks a call. We would  be happy to recommend a machine that is right for you and your budget.



Give us a call and we would be happy to explain your options in regard to steno machines.

Student Program (Overview)

Best Deal! Get a good quality refurbished steno machine including all accessories without the high price or long term commitment of a normal lease. With our rent only or rent-to-own program you can get the writer you want with a low upfront cost.  Renting a machine through StenoWorks will help establish your credit with us and allow you to upgrade whenever you choose.

Great Support!  All of our writers are fully warranted and include toll-free tech support for as long as you are renting.

Either call our toll free tech support line, open up a live chat on our site or open up a support ticket using our award winning Zendesk zendesk.jpg help system. Most of the time we can correct the issue with the writer.  

Free Customization!  We will modify the keyboard for you with any style keytops that your school requires or suggests.  There's no additional fee for that service. 

Short-term Commitment!  We only require that you rent for a period of 3 or 6 months.  If at any time you need to cancel just return the writer and your rental is ended. 

No Credit Check! We understand that many students are just starting out and might not have any established credit.  That's why perfect credit is not necessary for this program.

Pay Monthly - Billed to your Credit or Debit Card with automatic notifications of impending charges, so there's no surprises

Custom portal - Just login and see all your invoices, change your payment method or contact information.