Student Dictionaries

Bryan Theory [Download Now]
CR Dictionary [Download Now]
Court Reporting at Home [Download Now]
Court Reporting Institute of Dallas [Main|Medical ]
Cuyahoga Community College [Download Now]
Dawn South’s Students [Main|Medical]
Digitext-Foniks [Download Now]
Herman Miller [Download Now]
Katherine McNally [Download Now]
Marsha Frost [Download Now]
New England School of Court Reporting [Download Now]
New York Court Reporting Institute [Download Now]
Pennsylvania Clinic [Download Now]
RealWrite [Download Now]
Robert Walsh Gonzales [Download Now]
San Antonio Main [Main|Medical]
The School of Court Reporting, LLC [Download Now]
South Coast College [Download Now]
StarTran [Download Now]
Stened [Main|Medical]
Stenograph [Download Now]
Thyra Ellis [Download Now]

If your theory isn’t listed, please make sure your teacher or program cooridinator has provided us with a copy of the theory file they teach.

To install a dictionary, please refer to this video.