Student Writer Trade-in Program

Student Writer Four Year Trade in Program                                 

Thank you for choosing StenoWorks for your student writer purchase.  Not only have

you purchased a great writing machine on which to learn and polish your shorthand skills, you’ve

also made a valuable investment towards the future purchase of your professional writer package.

Within four years from the original StenoWorks date of student writer purchase, you are

guaranteed the current lowest sale value of your purchased writer, minus any customizations, shipping fees,

and a 10% administration fee. This trade in value must be applied toward the purchase of any

upgraded professional writer package (that has a 25% greater value than your student package).


     ~  The cost to upgrade from your student writer to the desired professional package will be the

difference between the upgrade allowance (as stated above) and the current retail price

of the professional package at the time of purchase (plus any applicable taxes).

      ~  To complete your upgrade you must first place the order for your new upgraded professional

writer, and then return your student writer including all accessories – per StenoWorks instructions,

using a Customer RMA number.  The student machine must be the actual writer purchased from

StenoWorks and in good working condition (no defects) to receive the full trade in allowance.

You will be responisble for both machines shipping cost.

      ~  When upgrading, StenoWorks will only replace writer accessories not compatible between

the two writer packages, unless you order additional accessories not included. The terms and

conditions of this program are subject to change without notice.  This program is only valid in the

Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.

        ~ We wish you the best of luck in your exciting new career! ~