Shipping FAQ's

1. I'm local near Lake Worth, FL, can I just bring my equipment to you?

Absolutely we encourage all our local customers to simply give us a call first and then stop in with your equipment for an evaluation.

2. What is your shipping address?

StenoWorks, 5280 10th Avenue N, Suite D, Greenacres, FL 33463

3. Your shipping address comes up as Lake Worth not the Greenacres address.  Which city name should I use?

Either Greenacres or Lake Worth will get to us without a problem as long as you use the correct zip code of 33463.

4. I've never shipped anything this large and valuable.  How do I do it?

First gather all the items you are shipping.  Second gather your packing supplies like an appropriate box and packing materials.  Third decide what shipping service to use.

5. Is shipping insurance included? 

No, all our quoted shipping prices do not include shipping insurance unless you specifically request insurance which is approximately $1.20 per $100 of replacement value.  The chances that your package is lost or damaged is very low, however it's always a good idea to purchase insurance just in case.  All new writers are shipped by us with basic service and insurance included free of charge. 

6. What shipping service do I use?

Basically you have three choices:  UPS, FEDEX or US Postal Service.  Which one you select depends on several factors like cost, location, etc.  With Fedex Overnight, Fedex 2nd Day & Fedex Ground, do not count weekends or holidays as shipping days. The only shipping services that are guaranteed are the premium shipping options like FEDEX Overnight, 2-DAY, Express Saver or USPS Express service.  That guarantee can be voided due to bad weather as per the shipping service's policies.  Fedex Home delivers to residences on Tuesday thru Saturday, except for holidays. Fedex Ground delivers to businesses on Monday thru Friday, except for holidays. The U.S. Mail delivers Monday thru Saturday, excluding holidays.

7. Who pays for shipping?

The customer normally pays for all shipping including packing and insurance.  The exception to that is if you purchased new from our site or have a StenoCare contract or if the item is under warranty and we are return shipping to you by FEDEX ground.

8. How do I contact the shipping company?

United Parcel Service: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) or
Federal Express: 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339) or
US Postal Service: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or

9. Should I use a third party shipping company like PacknShip or The UPS Store.

That's a solution that is easy, however they do charge a premium for their service.  Most charge a premium for shipping along with additional charges for boxes and shipping materials.

10. How much will it cost to ship?

The cost depends on multiple factors like the weight of the items, the service and the distance from our location in Florida.  You can get a good idea by going to any of the shipping services and put in the approximate weight (Stentura with accessories - 17 lbs) and the destination zip which is 33463. 

11. What type of box or packing is best?

If you still have the original box that's in good shape then we would suggest using the original packaging.  If not than use a new or like new sturdy cardboard box with either foam, peanuts or newspaper as a packaging filler.  Locate a box  large enough to house your writer and one that also gives you at least 2 to 3 inches of space on top, bottom and sides of writer to place packing material around the writer.  Make sure you bubble wrap or protect the LCD screen.  It is important to pack it tight (you do not want the writer moving around inside of box during shipping).

12. I'm only shipping a writer without a case how do I ship just a writer?

Make sure you either bubble wrap the writer or at least put the writer in a plastic bag.  

13.  I'm planning on using a special foam-lined custom box to ship.  Will you return the same box back to me when you return the writer?

Yes, we will return any special shipping boxes back to you unless the box is deteriorated or damaged.  In that case we will contact you with options.

14. How will I know when you received my writer?  Will you call me when it arrives?

No, due to the volume of packages we do not call with confirmations.  All shipping services have a tracking number that if you check online will show you exactly when the package was delivered.

15.  Should I include media with the writer like SD cards or floppy disks?

Generally we would recommend removing any floppy disks from the writer's disk drive before shipping.  As far as other media it's not necessary unless there's a specific issue with that SD card, etc.  We will preserve all data on any media sent along with the writer.

16. I'm sending in a writer for service what should I send?

Make sure you either bubble wrap the writer or at least put the writer in a plastic bag.  Please do not include accessories like tripods, etc. and carrying cases unless it's a jetpak that will help protect the writer. If you are having connection issues then send the rt cable.  If you are having charging issues then send the charger.  Other than problem items do not send accessories because they will only add to the cost of shipping and will void any offer of free shipping back to you.

17. When returning the writer to me will a signature be required?

Yes, to insure that the package is received safely and not left on a porch a signature is required.  The customer can waive that requirement but doing so relieves StenoWorks of all liability.

18. Do you send me a box?

Yes, we can send you a sturdy shipping box lined with foam, along with a shipping label to send the writer to us. ($50.00 fee paid upfront - see our service form)

19. Can you send me a shipping label?

Yes, we will gladly send you an electronic FEDEX shipping label that you can use to send us your equipment.  Just let us know the service type, approximate weight and size.