Student or Pro Model Rent-to-Own Program 



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StenoWorks gives you two options!

Rent or Own / Pro or Student

StenoWorks has talked to thousands of court reporting students throughout the years and

as a result we have two great programs established just for students.  Our student

purchase program that allows you to purchase any student writer and then have the option

to trade it in toward an upgraded model within 4 years and get your full purchase price

minus a small restocking fee. This is the unique StenoWorks guarantee which we put in

writing for you.  Our student rent-to-own program allows you to get the writer you want

without having to purchase. You can rent a writer until you feel comfortable with your

progress in school or until you have the funds to purchase. Are you confused about your

steno equipment options? No problem, just give the experts at StenoWorks a call. We

would  be happy to recommend a machine that is right for you and your budget.



Give us a call and we would be happy to explain your options in regard to steno machines.