Stenograph® Elan Cybra® Pro Refurbished

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  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
  • Stenograph® Elan Cybra®
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Elan Cybra Pro Model® Package (Professional Realtime writer) (Actual picture may vary slightly from actual machine)  

REDUCED This Cybra® has serial connectivity only.  All cable connections included that allow you to connect to any CAT system.  Has the same similar touch as many of the paperless professional machines.  Comes with a 1-Year warranty.  

Reporters! Here's your steno tip from the Guru:  The Elan Cybra Pro Model holds up to 200 typed pages in memory.  Machine does not have an LCD screen to view notes so it's best used with a computer in realtime. Great writer for CART or Captioning.



 Introducing our partnership with Clyde!  Now with introductory rates.

  • 1 year: Add Accidental Damage Protection to StenoWorks' one year warranty
  • 2 year: Add Accidental Damage Protection and Extend your warranty to two years with the accidental protection
  • 3 year: Add Accidental Damage Protection and Extend your warranty to three years with the accidental protection (BEST DEAL)

LOOK! What's included:  FREE shipping ($35.00 value) freeship.jpg

  • Free keytop configuration ($50.00 value)
  • No Sales tax except in Florida 


Designed especially for steno-captioners, steno-interpreters, steno- transcriptionist and e-students.


  • No paper! Write directly to memory or computer with no paper tape. You save money and reduce noise.
  • No ribbon! No paper means no ribbon...with reduced cost and upkeep.
  • No platen! No paper, no ribbon means no platen! Reduces the need for contact re-adjustment since ribbon and paper are no longer part of the adjustment equation.
  • No grease! No platen means no grease and reduced noise. Spend less time taking care of your machine and more time getting your work done!
  • Introducing the innovative SmartStroke stroke-sensing technology that evaluates your hand-to-hand movement for cleaner strokes, resulting in better translation than ever before.
  • Revolutionary AccuDial is a feature that lets you precisely set the depth of stroke for each individual key and easily change your adjustments over time to accommodate changes in your writing style.
  • Check the status of your battery, RAM level, realtime indicator and key contacts on the LCD indicator. You can easily monitor the status of your machine.
  • Speaking of RAM, the Cybra has memory to hold up to 100 pages so that you can later copy a job to your CAT software for translation and editing. Typically, though, the Cybra is used for strictly realtime applications such as CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation), steno-captioning and captioning where you are writing directly to the computer for immediate translation and display.
  • Operate your Cybra for up to 40 hours or more on a single battery charge. Since the battery uses NiMH technology, it is less likely to develop a 'memory' if you charge it too often than other battery types. It can be recharged overnight using the standard A/C battery charger/adapter.
  • As with the Stentura® writing machines, you easily adjust the depth of stroke and stroke pressure to make the machine comfortable for your style of writing.
  • Adapting some newer technology for connecting to your realtime computer, the Cybra has a USB port in addition to the regular 9-pin serial port. 


  • Refurbished Elan Cybra Pro Model®
  • *NEW* Rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack
  • AC adapter/charger
  • Tripod
  • Writer Utilities, Guides and Drivers on USB drive
  • User's Guide
  • Serial Cable with I/O Gear adapter for realtime and notes transfer
  • 1-year warranty covering parts and labor
  • Written Certification from our technician
  • Toll-Free tech support 

  • stenocare.jpg           Two-Year comprehensive warranty including tech support included.


  • Complementary "Getting Started" Introductory session on the phone with our Writer/CAT Software Trainer.  We will go through setting us your new writer with your CAT system and how to use it's main features.  We can logon to your computer remotely if necessary.  Our goal is to make your transition to your new writer as smooth as possible.


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  • Greatest select of writers 
  • Best customer service
  • Head writer technician, Brian, trained by the manufacturer with over 35 years experience
  • Largest selection of writer parts on the planet covering every writer from the Smartwriter™ to the Luminex™
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  • The machine is completely disassembled.
  • The machine is chemically cleaned using a non-toxic bio-green solution.
  • The Stop Pads are replaced as needed.
  • The Universal bar pad is replaced as needed.
  • The Bank Bar Pad is replaced.
  • All parts are checked for excessive wear.
  • The Toggle Roller is replaced or refurbished. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The Platen is reconditioned. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The machine is reassembled and all mechanical parts are greased and lubricated to specification.
  • The factory settings are verified and adjustments are performed as necessary.
  • The ribbon is replaced.
  • Adjustments are performed on all electronic components, including the contact assembly and switches.
  • All motor gears are aligned to specifications and checked for proper operation.
  • A complete diagnostics is performed to check computer interface (real-time), battery charging operations, electronic operations, and proper disk drive operation if applicable.
  • The machine casing is cleaned and the key tops are polished 

This process generally takes 3-4 man hours to complete! 


Here's a chart to help you select a keyboard configuration.


Selecting keytop configurations can be confusing. Our recommendation is that if your present writer is configured a certain way then select the identical configuration.

It can be difficult to get used to something different. If this is your first writer than we would suggest talking to your school or teacher and asking what they would suggest.

Here are some options:






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Warranty Information

This writer has a limited one-year depot warranty covering both parts and labor including tech support from StenoWorks. Our warranty is detailed here. You may also add a loaner option at the time of purchase. Now Available! Highly Recommended! Add accidental damage protection and even extend your StenoWorks warranty for an additional 1 or 2 years. StenoWorks has teamed up with Clyde to offer top-tier product coverage. Coverage by Clyde is underwritten by A rated insurance carriers and comes with easy to understand terms, a simple claims process, and competitive pricing. By adding coverage to your purchase you can use your writer knowing Clyde has your back.
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