Diamante & Wave Servicing



Diamante & Wave Writer Cleanings & Refurbishments

StenoWorks is pleased to offer Diamante servicing and cleaning.  We recommend that yearly you get your writer cleaned and serviced.  Shipping cost is customer's responsibility with boxes and shipping labels available.

Cleaning and Servicing 1 day $175.00 Sale Price

  • Writer is tested using standard diagnostics
  • Writer is disassembled
  • Shell is cleaned and polished
  • Screen is tested and cleaned
  • Mechanical parts are cleaned, tested and lubricated
  • Internal and external battery is tested (replacement extra charge)
  • Reassembled and tested
  • If there are any software updates available we will update the writer
  • Machine professionally packed and shipped using whatever service customer prefers

Complete Annual Refurbishment 2-3 days $250.00  

  • All services included in a cleaning
  • Chemical wash
  • Felt stop pad replaced
  • Complete removal of old lubricant and application of new lubricant
  • Replacement of chipped or damaged keys (Keytop pads will not be replaced and may prevent repair of damaged keys)

Additional Wave and Diamante Servicing Available

  • Keys replaced - Need to wide keys, double or even a quad wide * key.  No problem.  $30.00/set $15/key plus labor
  • USB port replacement.
  • SD Card repair or replace
  • Power jack installed 
  • Keypads installed
  • New refurbished batteries available
  • WI-FI installed internally