How to Re-ink a Ribbon



How to re-ink a ribbon

1. Turn the cartridge upside down. Turn the ribbon using a flat-head screw driver. Make sure the spool is turning at the same time the ribbon is turning.

2. Add 3 drops of ink directly on the ribbon. Using a q-tip spread the ink evenly along the exposed part of the ribbon. Turn the ribbon until a dry part of the fabric is exposed.

3. Repeat step two until the entire fabric is saturated.

4. Apply ink directly to the sponge next to where you are inserting your screwdriver. Using the tip of your ink bottle, apply 15 to 20 drops of ink directly onto the sponge. Try not to get ink anywhere but the sponge. It also helps to tilt the ribbon at a 30-degree angle so that the ink will run directly into the sponge.

5. Turn your screwdriver a full 360-degree rotation. Apply another 15-20 drops of ink on the spool. Repeat this action for a total of 4 times.

6. Let your ribbon sit upside down for at least an hour.