International Charger for Stentura™ Cybra™ Mira™ and Diamante™

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Planning to take a trip to a foreign country with your writing machine?  Do you live in a foreign country?  If so, you will need a convertor and or the correct global adapter end for your country.  Currently we have adapters for the many different countries. UK, Europe, Austrailia, Hong Kong, Argentina, etc.  


This package contains a new charger and three plug adapters; one each for the UK, Europe and Australia. It is designed to work with the Diamante and elan Mira Global Charger and the Stentura Global Charger.

Consider buying an extra charger at the same time. You'll have a backup Global Charger in case yours gets lost or damaged while you're traveling.


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Warranty Information

These adapters have a 30 day warranty and are guaranteed.
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