Selling FAQs




1. What does StenoWorks purchase?
StenoWorks will purchase all type of court reporting equipment.  We purchase steno machines both new and old.  All steno machine accessories, court reporting books, computers, some software, tapes, learning CD's, traveling bags, captioning equipment and voice reporting equipment.

2. My equipment doesn't work, will you still purchase it?
Yes, StenoWorks routinely purchases steno machines for working parts.

3. Do you purchase CAT software?
Yes, We do purchase most CAT software with the exception of software from Stenograph LLC..

4. How do you decide what my equipment is worth?
We take many factors into consideration. They include: the current market demand, condition of equipment, our current inventory levels, age of equipment, condition and type of accessories, and if there are extras included.

Shipping & Packing:


1. I'm local near Lake Worth, FL, can I just bring my equipment to you?
Absolutely we encourage all our local customers to simply give us a call first and then stop in with your equipment for an evaluation.  In many case you will leave our offices with a check.

2. I've never shipped anything this large and valuable.  How do I do it?
First gather all the items you are shipping.  Second gather your packing supplies like an appropriate box and packing materials.  Third decide what shipping service to use.

3. What shipping service do I use?
Basically you have three choices:  UPS, FEDEX or US Postal Service.  Which one you select depends on several factors like cost, location, etc.

4. In your instructions you suggest sending the item COD.  What is COD?
COD stands for Cash on Delivery and basically means that the shipping company's driver brings the package to us and then picks up a check for the amount on the COD label.  The driver will not allow us to open the parcel or receive it without first handing over a check to him.

5. Are there restrictions on COD?                                                                                                        If you are using the US Postal Service to ship, be a where that they have a limit of $1000.00 for Cash on Delivery.  They do provide insurance for free.  Here's a link to the USPS's COD Info:

6. Who pays for shipping?
The seller normally pays for all shipping including packing and insurance.

7. In your offer you mention that you will pay for shipping.  How does that work?
If that's in our offer we will email you a label to use that allows you to ship the item for free.  If you don't have the original box you might need to purchase a box or various other packing materials.  The seller is responsible for packing the item or paying someone to pack the item if you need to do that.

8. How do I contact the shipping company?

United Parcel Service: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) or
Federal Express: 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339) or
US Postal Service: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or

9. Should I use a third party shipping company like PacknShip or The UPS Store.
That's a solution that is easy, however they do charge a premium for their servive.  Most will have no issue with sending a COD, but we would suggest making sure the COD is in your name.

10. How much will it cost to ship?
The cost depends on multiple factors like the weight of the items, the service and the distance from our location in Florida.  You can get a good idea by going to any of the shipping services and put in the approximate weight (Stentura with accessories - 17 lbs) and the destination zip which is 33463.


11. What type of box or packing is best?
If you still have the original box that's in good shape then we would suggest using the original packaging.  If not than use a new or like new sturdy cardboard box with either foam, peanuts or newspaper as a packaging filler. Make sure you bubble wrap or protect the LCD screen and the papertray.

12. I'm only shipping a writer without a case how do I ship just a writer.
Make sure you either bubble wrap the writer or at least put the writer in a plastic bag. 

13. I'm sending in a writer for service what should I send?
Make sure you either bubble wrap the writer or at least put the writer in a plastic bag.  Please do not include accessories like tripods, etc. and carrying cases unless it's a jetpak that will help protect the writer. If you are having connection issues then send the rt cable.  If you are having charging issues then send the charger.  Other than problem items do not send accessories because they will only add to the cost of shipping and will void any offer of free shipping back to you.





1. If I send my equipment COD how long does it take to get my money.
Both UPS and FEDEX quote 7-10 days after the item is received.  It's my experience that depending on the distance it can be sooner.  Generally the US Postal Service will take less time.

2. Can I request a Cashier's Check or Money Order?
No, logistically we cannot go to our bank and get a cashier's check.  We purchase multiple shipments daily and it's just not practical.  We do cut a corporate check to the name on the PO and to that amount.

3. Must I send the equipment COD?
No, just send us the equipment with a copy of the PO and we will cut a check directly to you at the address on the PO in 2-3 business days.  Typically you will get your chack faster and avoid any COD fees.