Stenograph® Allen Wrench Adjustment Tool

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Contact Adjustment Tool for any Computerized Steno Writer

A must have for all Reporters! Are you getting letters coming up when you don't hit them? How about the pesty keys that just won't come up even after you know you hit them. If you're experiencing any of these problems, your machine needs adjusting. This is the tool you need! 

This is the allen wrench for adjusting the contact assembly on any Stentura® writer. The item is brand new and fully warranted. This also works with the Smartwriter®, Protege, ProCAT Flash®, Fusion, Baron TX, Meritwriter, Xscribe® StenoRAM 2. Handy tool used to either sensitize or desensitize the keys on a steno machine. This item is brand new. Retail price on this item is normally $7.95 plus ground shipping of at least $6.00. 

Already have one!  Great this is the type of item that you probably want an extra backup.  If you need to adjust having this tool is invaluable and using a eye glass screwdriver will ruin your writer.

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