Stenograph® EasyLock® T2 Tripod USED Free Shipping

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  • Stenograph T2 tripod
  • Stenograph® EasyLock® T2 Tripod USED Free Shipping
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Stenograph® EasyLock® T2 Tripod.  This is a USED tripod.  Though it is used, it was tested and in good working condition.  This used tripod comes with a 30 day limited warranty.

Revolutionary tripod that tilts 8° toward you with tripod head that smoothly pivots 40°!

The automatic tilt of the front leg brings the machine closer to your body without any awkward foot motions. The amazing pivoting head seems to defy gravity - simply adjust the angle of your machine with your hands and it stays put! 

It tilts! 

The EasyLock T2 tripod slants toward you and your writing machine floats over your knees. It's incredibly comfortable to sit in your chair with your feet right in front of you or even crossed at the ankles, without the tripod getting in your way. Your shorthand machine will be in perfect stroking position, allowing you to keep your forearms parallel to the floor and upper arms hanging naturally at your sides. 

It pivots! 

Pivot your machine forward or away from you at will. It's easy to reduce glare or to level the keyboard so you don't have to flex your wrists. Since there are no set stopping points, you can smoothly adjust the keyboard angle where you want it. A hidden spring-bolt tensioner means it stays where you put it! 

The EasyLock T2 features the patented EasyLock mechanism to simply, and securely place your machine on the tripod.

  • Tripod shaft slants 8° toward you from the base to bring your keyboard closer to your body.
  • Tripod head smoothly pivots forward 28° and backward 12° for a total range of 40° so you can vary the angle of your wrists               from time to time.
  • Height adjusts from 17½" to 26" by sliding the tripod shaft and tightening with the handy thumb-lock knob.
  • EasyLock T2 fits the Stentura®, élan Cybra®, and élan Mira®.
  • Works with Wave® or Diamante® if you remove the bottom plate on the writer.
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Warranty Information

Used tripods are tested for quality assurance. They are in good working condition and come with a 30 day warranty.
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