Stenograph® Elan Cybra® Paperless Writer Refurbished 2 Year Warranty

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  • Elan Cybra Student Writer
  • Elan Cybra Student Writer
  • Elan Cybra Student Writer
  • Elan Cybra Student Writer
  • Elan Cybra Student Writer
  • Elan Cybra Student Writer
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Stenograph® Elan Cybra® Paperless Writer Refurbished 2 Year Warranty and Four Year Trade-in Guarantee Package (Student Realtime Paperless writer)

The Elan® Cybra® features USB and serial connectivity. The Elan Cybra® student version is a paperless machine for students and captioners! Refurbished by StenoWorks with a two year warranty and a four year trade-in guarantee.  The major advantage to going with this writer is the excellent smooth touch.  The touch or feel is similar to the Elan Mira high-end professional models.  Use the same technology while in school that you'll use as a professional. Watch your speed and accuracy climb with one of the lightest touches of any machine.

Reporters! Here's your steno tip from the Guru:  The Elan Cybra Student Model works great using the USB cable(included) with Case Cataylst® and Eclipse®. If you intend to use a different CAT system like Stenovation DigitalCAT® or Apieron SmartCAT® software then you will need to purchase the serial realtime cable and a USB to serial adapter.  Machine does not have an LCD screen to view notes so it's best used with a computer in realtime. Could be used for captioning or in a professional setting with an extra back-up source like a digital recorder.


LOOK! What's included:

  • FREE shipping ($35.00 value) 
  • Free keytop configuration ($50.00 value)
  • No Sales tax except in Florida 


Designed especially for steno-captioners, steno-interpreters, steno-transcriptionist and e-students.  Please make sure that your school or program allows you to use a paperless writer. Here's some paperless questions answered.


  • No paper! Write directly to memory or computer with no paper tape. You save money and reduce noise.
  • No ribbon! No paper means no ribbon...with reduced cost and upkeep.
  • No platen! No paper, no ribbon means no platen! Reduces the need for contact re-adjustment since ribbon and paper are no longer part of the adjustment equation.
  • No grease! No platen means no grease and reduced noise. Spend less time taking care of your machine and more time getting your work done!
  • Introducing the innovative SmartStroke stroke-sensing technology that evaluates your hand-to-hand movement for cleaner strokes, resulting in better translation than ever before.
  • Revolutionary AccuDial is a feature that lets you precisely set the depth of stroke for each individual key and easily change your adjustments over time to accommodate changes in your writing style.
  • Check the status of your battery, RAM level, realtime indicator and key contacts on the LCD indicator. You can easily monitor the status of your machine.
  • Speaking of RAM, the Cybra has memory to hold up to 50 pages so that you can later copy a job to your CAT software for translation and editing. Typically, though, the Cybra is used for strictly realtime applications such as CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation), steno-captioning and captioning where you are writing directly to the computer for immediate translation and display.
  • Operate your Cybra for up to 40 hours or more on a single battery charge. Since the battery uses NiMH technology, it is less likely to develop a 'memory' if you charge it too often than other battery types. It can be recharged overnight using the standard A/C battery charger/adapter.
  • Depth of stroke is now modified to give you a more shallow option.
  • Stroke pressure to make the machine comfortable for your style of writing.
  • Adapting some newer technology for connecting to your realtime computer, the Cybra has a USB port in addition to the regular 9-pin serial port. 


  • Refurbished Elan Cybra® Student Model with 2 year warranty and 4 year trade-in guarantee in writing
  • NEW Rechargeable Ni-Mh battery pack installed
  • NEW AC adapter/charger
  • Tripod
  • Writer Utilities CD with manual in pdf form
  • One Extra Elan Cybra faceplate
  • USB cable for realtime and notes transfer
  • Written Certification of condition from our technician
  • Toll-Free tech support, Live Chat Support and Zendesk support ticketing system for 2 years
  • Free CAT Software (Apieron - Download required) $300 value
  • Other software like Plover & DigitalCAT are also available and will work with the Cybra


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Warranty Information

This writer has a two-year limited warranty! The warranty does not include a loaner unless the loaner option was selected at the time of purchase. All included accessories have a 90 day warranty. Written warranty is included with package. To view the entire warranty go to our warranty page under policies on our website.
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