Stenograph® Stentura® 400SRT Paperless Student Writer 2 year warranty

We do our best to ship as fast as possible. Writer prep time is generally 2-7 business days, faster if Expedited Prep is selected.
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  • Stenograph Stentura 400SRT Steno Writer
  • Stenograph Stentura 400SRT Steno Writer
  • Stenograph Stentura 400SRT Steno Writer
  • Stenograph Stentura 400SRT Steno Writer
  • Stenograph Stentura 400SRT Steno Writer
  • Stenograph Stentura 400SRT Steno Writer
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(400SRT was a writer created for both paper and realtime)

Touch has been adjusted for paperless unless paper option is selected. This is a complete package including all accessories!

LOOK! What's included:

  • FREE shipping ($50.00 value) freeship.jpg
  • Free keytop configuration ($60.00 value)
  • Free USB to Serial adapter ($45.00 value)
  • Choice of Carrying Case

No Sales tax except in Florida


 FREE Student Version of CAT Software (Download required) 


  • Computerized paperless student writer that connects to any CAT system providing realtime transfer of notes
  • Paperless with shorter depth of stroke
  • Records up to 50 pages in RAM memory
  • Keyboard Stroke Tension adjustment
  • Manual or electric writing modes
  • Could be used for captioning without paper
  • Lightweight – under 5 lbs
  • guru1.pngStudents! Here's your steno tip from the Guru:  The Stentura 400SRT is a fully computerized paper writer that will get you through school to 225 wpm and beyond with the same touch as most professional paper machines. The only drawback is no direct USB connection which we totally solve with a USB to serial adapter (included).  Make sure you know what CAT software you will be using, so we can include the correct adapter.


  • Refurbished Stenograph® 400SRT student writer in Black
  • Free CAT Software (Apieron - Download required)
  • Other software like Plover & DigitalCAT are also available and will work with the 400SRT
  • Tripod
  • Charger
  • New Ni-Cad Battery
  • Real-time cable
  • Adjustment tool
  • Operator's manual on CD
  • USB to Serial Adapter
  • 2-year warranty
  • 4-year trade-in guarantee
  • Written Certification from our technician
  • Free toll-free tech support


1. Keytop Configuration - Select what you are used to or what your program or school recommends.  If you are not sure send us a note or call us and we can usually help you with the selection.

2. Warranty - You normally receive a 2 year depot warranty which requires you to send the writer to us if there's a problem. If you want to add a loaner or a loaner with expedited shipping please select that option.  Finally if you want your writer cleaned during the second year there is an option for that.

3. Keypads - If you want to optionally add cushioning or additional grip to the plastic keys then select one of our many keypad options.

4. USB to Serial - If you are planning on using DigitalCAT software then make sure you upgrade to the I/O Gear adapter.

5. Paper Option - If your school requires paper then simply select the paper option and we will add a papertray, refurbished ribbon (non-optimal print quality) and pack of steno paper.

6. Various carrying case options



pay-by-phone-logo.jpg 800-399-4605 


smalllogo.pngBuy it your way with StenoWork's Steno-Layaway flexible plans.  You pick how much, how often and how long you pay. Just fill out our Steno-Layaway form and we will send you our Layaway agreement by email.  It's just one more way that we make shopping on our web site more affordable.  moreinfo.jpg 

apply-now.jpgUse our Rent-To-Own program to get this writer for just $150.00 deposit and $37.08 per month. 0% interest. Own it in 12 months! We also have a short-term rental for $60.00/month with just a 3 month commitment.





  • The machine is completely disassembled.
  • The machine is chemically cleaned using a non-toxic bio-green solution.
  • The Stop Pads are replaced as needed.
  • The Universal bar pad is replaced as needed.
  • The Bank Bar Pad is replaced.
  • All parts are checked for excessive wear.
  • The Toggle Roller is replaced or refurbished. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The Platen is reconditioned. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The machine is reassembled and all mechanical parts are greased and lubricated to specification.
  • The factory settings are verified and adjustments are performed as necessary.
  • The ribbon is replaced.
  • Adjustments are performed on all electronic components, including the contact assembly and switches.
  • All motor gears are aligned to specifications and checked for proper operation.
  • A complete diagnostics is performed to check computer interface (real-time), battery charging operations, electronic operations, and proper disk drive operation if applicable.
  • The machine casing is cleaned and the key tops are polished 

This process generally takes 3-4 man hours to complete! 

Here's a chart to help you select a keyboard configuration.


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Warranty Information

This writer as a limited two year warranty
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