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We do our best to ship as fast as possible but this is a custom writer. Shipping normally is within 2-7 business days.


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This rental is designed for students enrolled in the Project Steno Basic Training Course.  If you are enrolled in a different Intro to Steno program, please see our A-Z Basic Training Rental by clicking here: A-Z Rental 

If you are looking for a basic training course check out Project Steno here

Intro to Steno 

As part of StenoWorks' commitment to the Court Reporting Industry we are supplying as many refurbished writers as possible to as many students as possible. This is a limited program and machines are distributed only to students in approved programs. Machines are limited and are available on a first come/first serve basis.

If you are currently enrolled in the Project Steno Basic Training course, then this is the machine rental program you need.  You will be sent one of our Basic Training machines for your class, typically the Stentura 6000 or Stentura 8000.

These rent only packages are just $50 for the first 8 weeks and then $50 per month after that period.  Please note that this Basic Training machine is specifically prepared for the Project Steno Basic Training class and is NOT compatible with a regular court reporting program.   

Included in basic package:

  • Refurbished writer 
  • Tripod  
  • Power supply 
  • Adjustment tool  
  • New rechargeable battery installed 
  • Getting started guide

Warranty with tech support for as long as you're renting!

  • Class payment of $50.00 (plus tax in FL) charged directly to your credit or debit card. 
  • A $100.00 deposit (refunded minus a $10.00 restocking fee when writer is returned in the same condition).
  • A $40.00 shipping fee that includes a label to return the writer after the class.
  • 2-month rental term gives you a writer for the length of the class and and allows for the time to receive and return the equipment.
  • The rental period adjusts to when the writer is delivered not when you purchase.
  • After that period, the term converts to a month-to-month rental until it's returned.
  • Suggested order time is 2 weeks before the start of class to allow for writer prep time (about 2-7 business days) and shipping time from FL to your location (i.e. about 2 days to NY, 4 days to TX, 7 days to WA).
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Warranty Information

This writer has a 1 year warranty
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