Light Cleaning, oiling & greasing - Diamante Luminex

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Light Cleaning includes case cleaning inside and outside.  Disassemble writer - Clean inside and grease and oil all parts.  Reassemble. Diagnostics are performed on realtime, disk drive, battery charging and regulating circuits.   All work guaranteed and warranted for 90 days.

e-diagnostic testing before disassembly.  Writer is disassembled and chemically cleaned with high pressure chemical sprayers in our specially designed power cleaner (using 90 lb. of pressure per square inch in a two-chemical process).  All parts are inspected for general wear.  The writer is then reassembled, lubricating all internal and external mechanical parts.  The upper and lower keyboard pads, stop pads, platen and ribbon advance wheel are replaced.  Electronic circuit boards are pneumatically cleaned.  Diagnostics are p, unless customer specifies custom adjustments.  The writer then has to pass a 75-point quality control inspection.  Writer is then covered by a nine month limited warranty on mechanism for excessive noise and mechanical adjustments. Any additional parts replaced which are not included in the above description can be replaced for an additional charge.  The additional parts are covered by a nine month limited warranty, which excludes ribbon, ribbon cartridge and ink spool.  Battery chargers and batteries purchased are warranted for 90 days.   Warranties exclude any and all shipping charges.


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