Stenograph® Realtime MultiLine Block Kit

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  • Stenograph® Realtime MultiLine Block Kit
  • Stenograph® Realtime MultiLine Block Kit


Stenograph® Multi-Line Block Kit to connect to 5 attorneys  Kit includes connection with adapter to serial port on your computer and 5 additional 14 ft cables with adapters to connect to attorneys.

Get the cables you need at a great price.  These cables are new and guaranteed. You have enough connections to hook up one to five attorneys for realtime. They will work with any attorney browsing software like Case View, Bridge, LiveNote, etc. Don't be caught without the cables you need. These are 14 feet; long enough for a large deposition room. You can add length anytime you need it. Item Description: For realtime applications, the Multi-Line Block Kit is used for connecting up to five receiving computers to the court reporter's computer. This kit is compatible with CaseView and just about any litigation support software that an attorney might use. Kit includes a convenient and sturdy nylon bag for packing and toting your kit, a five-way modular splitter, five 14' cables, one blue Send adapter, five gold Multi-Line Block Receive adapters. Up to three Multi-Line Block kits can be linked together for multiple connections up to 13 receiving stations! Not suitable for use with modem connections.

You never know when you'll get the opportunity to do a realtime deposition. I get Reporters calling me trying to purchase and have a kit fedexed because they need it for a depo. Don't wait till the last minute. Try these out with a friends notebook and some browsing software. 



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