Stenograph® Stentura® 200SRT Student Realtime Paperless Writer

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  • Stentura 200SRT Realtime Student Steno Writer
  • Stentura 200SRT Realtime Student Steno Writer
  • Stentura 200SRT Realtime Student Steno Writer
  • Stentura 200SRT Realtime Student Steno Writer
  • Stentura 200SRT Realtime Student Steno Writer
  • Stentura 200SRT Realtime Student Steno Writer
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Stentura® 200 SRT(student realtime) nice paperless shorter touch (200SRT was a writer created for both paper and realtime)

Touch has been adjusted for paperless unless paper option is selected.

  • The affordably priced Stentura® 200SRT realtime writer with manual touch gives you the opportunity to begin refining your realtime skills and dictionary while you're still in school!
  • The Stentura® 200SRT is computerized.
  • Writer is sold as paperless model without a cartridge ribbon or a papertray.  If you are required to use paper, the paper and a ribbon are optional.
  • Trade-in the machine within 4 years and get a great trade-in price.  
  • Machine has been totally refurbished (new pads, greased, and oiled). All operations of the machine have been checked out by a certified technician.
  • This is a complete package including all accessories.

 guru1.pngStudents! Here's your steno tip from the Steno Guru:  

The Stentura® 200SRT is the least expensive option if you need a computerized writer for school.  It's by far our most popular beginning or starter steno writer.  Get this writer to start and then upgrade to a higher-end student model after you know that your career is moving forward. 


  • FREE shipping ($30.00 value) freeship.jpg
  • Free CAT Software (Apieron - Download required)
  • Other software like Plover & DigitalCAT are also available and will work with the 200SRT
  • Free keytop configuration ($50.00 value)
  • Free USB to serial adapter (Trendnet Included)
  • Two Year Warranty ($239.00 value)

No Sales tax except in Florida           


  • 2 year warranty both parts and labor in writing with a four year trade-in guarantee
  • Computerized hookup to any CAT (Computer Aided Transcription) system
  • Paperless feel and shorter depth of stroke setup
  • Realtime transfer of notes
  • Adjust depth of stroke
  • Keyboard tension adjustment
  • Updated styling and appearance
  • Light weight under 5 lbs


  • Refurbished Stenograph® 200SRT student writer in Gray
  • Case options
  • Tripod
  • Charger
  • Real-time cable
  • Adjustment tool
  • Operator's manual on CD or paper
  • USB to Serial Adapter
  • Free CAT Software
  • Keyboard Chart
  • 2-year warranty
  • 4-year trade-in guarantee
  • Free toll-free tech support


1. Keytop Configuration - Select what you are used to or what your program or school recommends.  If you are not sure send us a note or call us and we can usually help you with the selection.

2. Warranty - You normally receive a 2 year depot warranty which requires you to send the writer to us if there's a problem. If you want to add a loaner or a loaner with expedited shipping please select that option.  Finally if you want your writer cleaned during the second year there is an option for that.

3. Keypads - If you want to optionally add cushioning or additional grip to the plastic keys then select one of our many keypad options.

4. USB to Serial - If you are planning on using DigitalCAT software then make sure you upgrade to the I/O Gear adapter.

5. Paper Option - If your school requires paper then simply select the paper option and we will add a papertray, ribbon and pack of steno paper. 

6. Various carrying case options


  • Credit & Debit Cards: Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX/Paypal/Amazon payment-methods.png   amazon.png

smalllogo.png Buy it your way with StenoWork's Steno-Layaway flexible plans.  You pick how much, how often and how long you pay. Just fill out our Steno-Layaway form and we will send you our Layaway agreement by email.  It's just one more way that we make shopping on our web site more affordable.  moreinfo.jpg

apply-now.jpgUse our Rent-To-Own program to get this writer for just $100.00 deposit and $32.92 per month. 0% interest. Own it in 12 months!  We also have a short-term rental for $100.00 deposit and $50.00/month with just a 3 month commitment.





  • The machine is completely disassembled.
  • The machine is chemically cleaned using a non-toxic bio-green solution.
  • The Stop Pads are replaced as needed.
  • The Universal bar pad is replaced as needed.
  • The Bank Bar Pad is replaced.
  • All parts are checked for excessive wear.
  • The Toggle Roller is replaced or refurbished. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The Platen is reconditioned. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced.
  • The machine is reassembled and all mechanical parts are greased and lubricated to specification.
  • The factory settings are verified and adjustments are performed as necessary.
  • The ribbon is replaced.
  • Adjustments are performed on all electronic components, including the contact assembly and switches.
  • All motor gears are aligned to specifications and checked for proper operation.
  • A complete diagnostics is performed to check computer interface (real-time), battery charging operations, electronic operations, and proper disk drive operation if applicable.
  • The machine casing is cleaned and the key tops are polished 

This process generally takes 3-4 man hours to complete! 

Here's a chart to help you select a keyboard configuration.


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Warranty Information

Writer comes with a two year warranty. Accessories have a 90 day warranty.
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