Steno Writer Black Shimmer Felt Keytop Covers

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  • Steno Writer Black Shimmer Felt Keytop Covers
  • Steno Writer Black Shimmer Felt Keytop Covers


Soft Brand New Black Shimmering Felt Keytop Covers. Great add-on!  

 Product Description:

  • Made of industrial grade felt, these tabs offer excellent durability and the softest touch.
  • These are adhesive backed felt keypads, that stick great to the keys without destroying them like some keypads sold. Remove them at any time.
  • Great for reducing noise, protecting your writer's plastic keytops, and giving your fingers a softer touch.
  • The wide keytops and number bar are also included.
  • Cut precisely to fit your keys.
  • Very easy to install with a few extra covers added just in case.
  • Great addition to any machine.
  • Includes all keys and extended keys (wide *, wide DZ, wide TS and double wide *).  One set includes enough keypads for all possible key configurations.


  • All Stenograph, ProCAT, Xscribe, Advantage, and Baron writers. Works on Infinity writers depending on key configuration.
Installations Instructions:
To Apply: Clean keytops with a soft cotton rag and a small amount of alcohol (the kind you don't drink); let dry, then carefully apply covers. Do not press the cover into place until you are satisfied that it is positioned as you like it. If not, lift off and replace. Then press into permanent placement. 
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Warranty Information

Keypads are returnable for up to 10 days from receiving the item. They are returnable as long as the keypads have not been removed from the backing or installed on the machine. StenoWorks is not responsible for problems resulting from incorrect installation.
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