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  • Stentura® Fusion Pro
  • Stentura® Fusion Pro
  • Stentura® Fusion Pro
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No interest if paid in full within 12 months

You could pay $100 per month for 12 months to avoid interest. If you do not pay your purchase within 12 months, interest will be charged from the purchase posting date at 19.99% APR.


  • Professional modern steno writer package with a paper option
  • Records audio-sync files so you'll never be without an audio back-up
  • Less than 1/2 the price of the Diamante® or Passport®
  • Real-time translation of English based on your personal dictionary displayed on a color screen
  • Search your notes on the screen
  • Use updated SD Card storage instead of floppies
  • Students! Here's your steno tip from the Guru:  If you are used to the feel of a student Protege® then you will enjoy the Fusion®.  The touch is very similar and you will have an easier time getting used to your new machine.  Also, if you like the option of using paper notes then the Fusion is the only way to go for a high-end machine.



  • Refurbished Stentura® Fusion® without paper
  • Add $125 to go with the paper option.
  • Dust cover to keep machine clean when not in use
  • Choice of bag
  • One 2 GIG SD Memory Card
  • New External USB SD card reader for use with computer
  • New 110/220 volt A/C adapter/charger with North American plug
  • 1 rechargeable power pack (Refurbished with new cells)
  • EasyLock Tripod
  • New USB-Cable
  • Writer Utility CD with dictionary conversion program for non-Stenograph® software
  • Papertray (if going with paper option)
  • Contact adjustment tool
  • One refurbished Stentura ribbon cartridge installed (if going with paper option)
  • New Audio-Sync microphone included
  • New Earbuds included


  • Credit & Debit Cards: Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX   paymentoptions-275x60.gif




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  • Financing: Long Term Financing (12 months or longer)  Good Credit Score? Co-Signor if a student?  Apply today for our long-term leasing deal!  Approximately $90.00/month for 36 months.
  • Apply Here: apply-now2.jpg
  • Trade-ins:  headerlogo.gif  Have a trade-in? Get a trade-in quote within 24 hours. Just fill out our sell-your-stuff form.  If you purchased one of our student writers, then you are entitled to 100% of your student writer price minus just a $50.00 trade-in fee.


 Stentura Hallmarks:

  • Instant translation and display of realtime text
  • Search for questions, answers and text for readback
  • Create dictionary globals on the fly to improve translation
  • Triple protection of steno notes
  • "Clean Hands" ink cartridge (refurbished)
  • EasyLock Tripod that’s a snap to use
  • Adjustable contacts and touch
  • Prints steno with indelible ink that makes a lasting impression

 Innovative features: 

  • Secure Digital (SD™) card stores hundred times more than floppies
  • Records live testimony using AudioSync OTG - on the go!
  • USB and DB9(serial) ports and wireless ready (option sold separately)
  • Extra large color display for text, steno and both side-by-side
  • Dynamic battery status display eliminates the guesswork of battery charging!

 AudioSync™ OTG - on the go!

  • Leave that clumsy tape recorder at home. 
  • Record the audio and even monitor the sound quality if you wish. Start, pause and stop as desired. 
  • Play back the synchronized audio privately to your own headset or through speakers if you choose to share it with the participants.

 Large color display lets you see things your way! 

  • Text and Steno side-by-side... and switch in the midst of a job
  • Audio status and quality indicator
  • Large or smaller fonts and color choices are yours 

Triple protection of your valuable steno notes 

  • Prints steno to paper with indelible ink that lasts a lifetime
  • Secure Digital Card (SD) holds hundreds times more than floppies and your work is protected
  • RAM memory backup can be written to SD card or read out through a cable 

Convenient and familiar adjustments 

  • Adjust your professional Stentura using traditional methods
  • Suit yourself with depth of stroke, keyboard pressure, and individual key contacts 

Battery charging and status

  •  No more guesswork on when to charge your battery. Just check the dynamic status. 

Ports for every purpose 

  • USB port for writing realtime to Case CATalyst® & Eclipse; for updating the personal and job dictionaries in the writer; for uploading a steno file to your CAT computer; and lastly for downloading software updates.
  • DB9 Serial port for using the Bluetooth by Socket Communications CSA adapter enabling wireless realtime with Case CATalyst® and some non-Stenograph® software programs.
  • DB9 Serial port is also used for writing realtime with legacy software such as Premier Power and non-Stenograph® software. 

Headphone and microphone jacks built in

  • Just use your powered microphone - included  and record conversation within a 35 foot radius directly to your Stentura® Fusion. Want to be absolutely sure you’re getting the audio? Just plug in a headset to monitor the recording or to play back privately during breaks in testimony. Even attach speakers to share the audio with others.




  • Contemporary design featuring "Glacier Frost" metallic finish
  • Secure Digital (SD) memory for fast, secure storage and retrieval
  • Audio recording on-board with built-in microphone jack (mic sold separately)
  • Headset jack for monitoring and playing back audio (headset sold separately)
  • External LCD contrast adjustment knob to accommodate lighting conditions
  • Built-in retractable bench conference stand for using machine off tripod
  • Scratch-resistant glossy key tops provide smooth-as-silk writing surface
  • Recessed holders for pencils or optional mini-keyboard mounting
  • Built-in handles provide a secure and comfortable grip
  • DB9 serial and USB port for realtime and dictionary updating
  • Rugged energy-absorbing paper tray
  • EasyLock Tripod provides stability and mobility


  • 5 lbs. 5 oz.

Visual Features and Functions:

  • Large full-color LCD with adjustable font size and color choices
  • View text, steno or both side-by-side
  • Search for Questions, Answers, text or steno
  • Scroll up or down to review text
  • Define/global steno into text to improve subsequent translation
  • View directory of SD card and RAM memory

Audio Record/Playback:

  • Pulsating visual indicator of audio quality when recording
  • Records synchronized .wav file with time-stamped steno
  • Microphone jack 3.5 mm mini-jack. Mic sold separately
  • Earphone jack 3.5 mm mini-jack. Headset sold separately
  • Audio saved to SD™ card; approximately 6MB per hour
  • Audio playback volume controls

Interior Features:

  • Personal adjustments for depth of stroke, key pressure and keyboard height/depth
  • Stentura ribbon cartridges provide long-lasting impressions
  • Ball bearing platen for grease-free operation between service intervals
  • Selectable paper-only mode to operate when electrical power is not available
  • 32-bit microprocessor features superior power efficiency and high performance

Memory and Removable Media:

  • Flash memory for personal and job dictionaries up to 480,000 entries
  • RAM Memory backup for steno note files up to 1,450 pages
  • 1 SD Card Slot with removable SD card (included) for steno files, timestamp file, job dictionary and audio files. Holds up to 2,100 pages of steno, text and associated audio; up to 287,000 pages without audio


hgm2.png  Upgrade your microphone               stenopadsnew.jpg   Pick up some steno pads               t2tripod.jpg     Add the tilting tripod


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Technical support backed by award winning ZenDesk zendesk.jpgHelp System
  • Toll-Free Support and Ordering
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Online Chat system
  • Money back guarantee
  • satisfactor.jpg


  • In order to customize your writer we generally ship within 1-2 business days.  If you need your writer expedited please call us!
  • We offer FREE shipping in the continental US using fedex.jpgwith just a small $25.00 upcharge for HI or AK. The shipping times will vary and depend on how far you are from Palm Beach County, FL. (Generally 1-5 business days)
  • If you need your writer sooner we can ship using FEDEX Express fedex2.jpg with Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, Guaranteed 2-Day, or Economy 3-Day shipping available for an additional charge.


  • Shipping international is also available.  The following are the approximate cost to ship to: UK & Europe ($125.00),  Canada ($75.00), South America ($150.00), Austrailia ($150.00) using  global-priority.gif. Please contact us with your email address and we will get back to you within 24 hours to get an exact shipping quote and to get any specific shipping questions answered.





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Warranty Information

This writer has a one year warranty from StenoWorks covering both parts and labor.
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