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  • StenEd 10 Steps to Realtime Writing
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Includes the Book and Online Audio Package

Item #151:  10 Steps to Realtime Writing  (purple, 266 pages, 2001 edition, fully indexed, ISBN 978-0-938643-34-0)

Realtime StenEd theory for experienced writers.  Transition to realtime for non-StenEd writers; theory review for those that learned StenEd theory. 

You will receive an email link directly from StenEd that will give you access to the audio usually within 1-2 business days. All downloadable audio is guaranteed by the StenEd company for quality. Once audio is downloaded it is non-returnable.

  • 10 Steps prioritizes conflict-solving techniques into ten categories: 

    • Step 01:     The Alphabet
    • Step 02:     High Frequency Words
    • Step 03:     Inflected Endings
    • Step 04:     Soundalikes
    • Step 05:     Prefixes & Other Word Beginnings
    • Step 06:     Suffixes & Other Word Endings
    • Step 07:     Punctuation
    • Step 08:     Numbers
    • Step 09:     Short Forms
    • Step 10:     Special Considerations
  • Instruction and practice dictation are included for each step. 

  • If you already teach or write StenEd theory, you can use this text to 

    • Prepare your non-StenEd transfer students for realtime writing;
    • Reinforce the StenEd "textbook" theory with your StenEd students if you are a teacher;
    • Review your "textbook" theory if you are a StenEd writer; and
    • Better understand realtime writing. 
  • If you don't teach or write StenEd theory, you can use this text to 

    • Help eliminate your conflicts;
    • Refine your realtime writing skills;
    • Prepare your advanced students for realtime writing;
    • Update your advanced, non-StenEd students' writing style(s) as you begin teaching your new students StenEd from the beginning; and
    • Better understand realtime writing.
  • Appendices include practice for eliminating shadows. 
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