StenEd Vocabulary Development Realtime Vocabulary Development (Online Audio)

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Vocabulary Development Student Edition with Online Audio only
Companion audio for Realtime Vocabulary Development textbook. Covers all dictation material in the text at speeds of 70-150 WPM.
Used for vocabulary and advanced writing skill development.

You will receive an email link directly from StenEd that will give you access to the audio usually within 1-2 business days. All downloadable audio is guaranteed by the StenEd company for quality. Once audio is downloaded it is non-returnable.

Contains both general and specific vocabularies, including:
General vocabulary
Borrowed words
Words frequently confused (e.g. soundalikes)
Word relationships
Specialized vocabulary (e.g. computer terms)
Material from this collection is available in Realtime Coach audio/video interactive tutorials.
Excellent preparation for the real world. Experience has shown that schools using this material graduate the most literate realtime writers.

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