Stenograph® Stentura® Ribbon Cartridge Refurbished with Ink

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Only 1 per customer.  Limited availability.  This is one refurbished Stenograph® Stentura® ribbon cartridge. Refurbished means the ribbon turns and the spool also turns.  Will still need to be inked with enclosed new bottle of ink. The Stentura® "clean hands" cartridge easily inserts into Stentura™ shorthand machine without getting ink on your fingers. Will work in any Stentura®, Protege, Fusion or ProCAT Flash writer. These are used ribbons that have a working spool(turns) that has been inked and tested. These are guaranteed to work when you receive them.  30 day warranty.  Comes with a new bottle of ink which can be used to re-ink the ribbon spool.  We suggest re-inking over several hours weekly.
According to the manufacturer:
It is essential to prime this nylon Stentura® ribbon cartridge prior to use. Please follow these instructions:
1. Insert the ribbon after depressing and holding down the numeral bar.
2. Write out a few folds to check the print.
3. Turn the blue knob toward the key levers to prime the ribbon if needed.
4. Repeat steps two and three as needed.
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Warranty Information

This is a brand new product and guaranteed by the manufacturer.
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